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Way back in the 14th century, the Moghuls invaded Hindukush, "the land of milk, honey and other rich treasures". In return, they left behind a trail of destruction, and well, the kebab.

The kebab was, at the time, just meat sprinkled with salt, which was then barbecued and gobbled up by this army on the move. But soon it caught the fancy of Indian chefs. And by their very capable hands, the kebab was perfected into a sublime art. They choose the finest meats, created an amazing array of marinades in which these meats were transformed into savory goodness. Cooking was now also improved.

The open fire was too unpredictable, so the even, dry heat of the tandoor took its place. All this effort to create the perfect kebab. The kind which you can savor at The Kebab Factory.

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